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Client Feedback


  • Amanda Bailey - Executive Director, Star Academies

    I passionately believe in coaching to provide me with a safe space in which to explore professional challenges. Sarah has enabled me to dig deep across a series of one to one coaching sessions to shift my thinking and find the best solutions. Her ability to listen deeply and gently but effectively probe my assumptions together with helping me to see business issues from a broad range of perspectives has moved me to effective and decisive action far sooner than if left to my own devices! I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to coach anyone to be their best in the workplace.

  • Daniela Grant - Partnership Development Manager at Ahead Partnership

    I had two sessions in total with Sarah and I really enjoyed them! Sarah is such a lovely person and was very good at getting me to open up about myself, how I felt and what I wanted from my career now that I am a mum. Sarah was great at listening to where I felt I needed to improve, and helped me with techniques to achieve my goals. She also reminded me that I am capable and effective at work (something I think a lot of people need reminding at times!) I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone that needs a boost about their capabilities, wants to self-improve or learn new techniques to help with their professional progression – whether that is networking or other areas of their roles that they feel they need more confidence in. Thanks so much for the sessions Sarah – they were both enjoyable and helpful!

  • Jenny Layfield - General Manager at the National Trust

    Sarah led an Action Learning Set that I was involved with. Action Learning is a fantastic way for leaders to discuss problems, develop leadership skills and build strong working relationships; they work best when well facilitated to ensure participation and to ensure open questions and active listening skills are employed. I would recommend Sarah as she has a great manner which is not intrusive to the group but gently guides people through the process and allows the team to gain the most from sessions’.

Networking Skills

  • Samantha James - Account Executive & Head of Sheffield Office at Eastwood & Partners Ltd

    I met Sarah at one of my first networking events where I was feeling very nervous and anxious as I had very little experience in networking and found the thought of it daunting.

    I have had the benefit of two coaching sessions with Sarah both of which have been extremely worthwhile. Both sessions were relaxed where Sarah asked me what my experience in networking was and how I felt about it. Instead of just giving me “textbook” answers Sarah turned the questions back on me to get me to think more about why I was feeling the way I was which made me spend time thinking about why I wasn’t feeling confident and also about how other people in the room are probably feeling the same! Sarah gave me some fantastic tips on how to identify different “groups” within the room and made me think about “ice breaker” questions and most importantly my “elevator pitch”. I took what we discussed in the first session and applied this to 2 different networking events before the second session and found that my confidence has increased, so much so that I am now choosing to attend different sessions weekly. Sarah has also helped me to understand how important it is to think about what I want to achieve from networking and apply this to make sure I get the benefits from attending certain events.

    I am now feeling 100% more confident and network on a weekly basis. I am enjoying building a network of connections and look forward to seeing what are now familiar faces at events. I even have the confidence to address the room and talk about my business!

  • Hannah Mounsey - Managing Director of Enable Unity CIC

    The idea of networking in a group or room full of strangers has always filled me with fear; however, after a short taster session followed by a formal networking skills workshop I can honestly and confidently say I am looking forward to my first networking event. And this is down to Sarah.

    Sarah’s sessions are relaxed and enjoyable; at no point did I want the ground to open up and swallow me whole! Sarah speaks from her true experiences and it is current to what she is experiencing now in her own venture.

    Sarah is an excellent communicator and tutor and has good command of the group she is training. She has a way of inspiring you to be better and is happy to share her knowledge because she wants you to succeed.

    After our first meeting I felt assured in Sarah’s services and approach to be able to refer a close friend to her for personal coaching sessions.

    Sarah is a pleasure to know and work with, you feel like you have known each other for years after only a short time. I would highly recommend her for networking skills and coaching services.

  • John Dougan – Owner and Social Purpose Teacher at abilearning

    I attended a couple of Networking Workshops delivered by Sarah over the summer. As a firm believer in doing things my own way I don’t generally take to this kind of presentation, and I thought I had networking sorted with the contacts I already had. Sarah quickly disabused me of this assumption as I found her approach uncomplicated and potentially workable for me. My doubts were systematically quashed as Sarah skilfully guided the group through the preparation, pitfalls and benefits of networking.

    I have attended two events where I practiced my short pitch, and found unexpected interest from the other delegates there, none of whom I would have approached before. I’m sure the confidence I have gained from Sarah has been the main factor in the positive results I have had so far. Sarah has proved herself to be an invaluable asset in an area I had failed to develop, and continues to impress me with her professionalism, drive and enthusiasm. She is a skilled and affable communicator, always ready with sound advice and support, and has the rare ability to hold a group’s attention while making every individual feel they are the focus of her attention.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone looking to start networking, or wanting to improve their skills and be more productive in this area.

  • Mansour Saiepour - Managing Director of SAIE Industrial Projects Ltd

    Sarah explained networking skills in an inspiring way. She instils energy, enthusiasm and confidence in you. Excellent workshop with very relevant information and knowledge. Thank you Sarah!

Redundancy Support

  • Sue Kelsey - Head of HR, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

    Sarah has recently worked with a group of staff who are going through a restructure. She delivered a group workshop and provided 1-2-1 coaching. The staff found her input extremely helpful, informative and it significantly increased their confidence. She also signposted them and the wider organisation to a number of other sources of information and support. Thanks Sarah!

  • Virginia

    Before I started working with you, life was pretty low, frustrating and stressful. After a short career break I wasn’t prepared for how difficult and long the process of finding a new job would be.

    I was hesitant about picking the phone up to make contact with you, however, you were very friendly and welcoming from the beginning. Even before we met in person, just speaking to you on the phone put me at ease and I was looking forward to meeting with you. You are a very genuine, caring and honest person and you listened and responded directly to me on a personal level – I didn’t once think “I bet you say this to everyone”

    You challenged me and encouraged me to do things I didn’t like doing or wasn’t confident with, which was uncomfortable at the time, but you could see that I needed to do it and it did help. You were very supportive whether it be face to face, over the phone or by email, checking in in between appointments to see how I was and offering encouragement.

    You have helped me gain more confidence and motivation and as a result things feel like they are moving in the right direction instead of constantly in a circle. If I hadn’t had my three sessions with you, there is no way I would have felt comfortable or confident in contacting recruitment agencies. With your coaching and support I have secured a temporary contract and as a result of this temporary work I have an opportunity to apply for permanent employment.

  • Jonathan Holyoak - HR Administrator at Outwood Grange Academies Trust

    Over the last 18 months Sarah has helped me in various ways, firstly she was a great support when I was being made redundant from Tata Steel in Rotherham. More recently she has taken time out of her busy schedule to personally help me in my endeavour to start a career in HR. Sarah has inspired me to continue following my chosen path and I cannot honestly recommend her enough. Thanks for everything Sarah.

  • Kiri Stone - Countryside Ranger

    Before Sarah’s coaching I found the prospect of entering the job market daunting. My self-confidence was low and subsequently all jobs seemed to be asking for more than I could offer.

    Sarah’s advice was a breath of fresh air. Working with me on my CV she helped me identify my transferable skills which reminded me of what I had already accomplished.  Through listening and understanding the experience required for the type of jobs I sought,  Sarah provided valuable support and guidance and within one month I secured myself four interviews. Her help didn’t stop there, she was always available for advice such as interview preparation and to provide feedback on my progress.

    I am now working in my dream job as a Countryside Ranger and I owe so much of my success in the application and interview stage to Sarah.

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